13 Infected Android Apps on Google Play Phishing Instagram Accounts

Lately, credential stealing campaigns and Instagram go hand in hand as we have seen so many credential stealers targeting social networking app users. These campaigns circulate on Google Play in the form of tools designed to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

Recently, 13 malicious apps were identified to be uploaded on Google Play Store. Their detection code was Android/Spy.Inazigram. The purpose of these malicious apps was to look for Instagram credentials and transfer the information to a remote server.

According to ESET security researchers, the campaign’s origins were located in Turkey, but some had English localization. This means the campaign is designed to target Instagram users around the world. It is quite disturbing that these malicious apps have already been downloaded and installed by around 1.5 million Instagram users across the globe. When ESET notified Google about it, the company quickly removed the 13 infected apps.

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By Hackread.com